Electronic Giving Guide


Each of the electronic giving options require setting up your payment preferences. We recommend the following:

  • Create an account at BlessedGiver.com
    • This not only greatly simplifies all future donations, it also enables you to obtain a receipt at the end of the year.
  • Set up a Debit/Credit Card as your default:
    • Debit or Credit cards are both accepted.
    • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or AmEx can all be used.

Below are details for the specific types of electronic giving.


  • Our number for text-to-give is: 623-473-9334
  • The first time you use text-to-give, you will be texted back a link to setup your BlessedGiver account. Follow the link and complete the process. Once that is done ...
  • Simply text an amount to the number above to give to the Tithes/Offerings category. For example:
    • Texting "10" by itself would contribute $10.00 to Tithes/Offerings
  • You can give to other categories by using the following codes, followed by a space, and followed by an amount:
    • TO (Tithes/Offerings)
    • OR (Outreach/Pledges)
    • LO (Love Offering)
    • OTH (Other offering, e.g. revival, special need, etc.)
    • For example:
      • Texting “OR 10” would contribute $10.00 to Outreach.
      • Texting “LO 10” would contribute $10.00 to Love Offering (for a guest speaker).
      • Texting “OTH 10” would contribute $10.00 to a special offering (typically in response to a specific offering described in the service).